Coaching Programs

Porambo & Associates will help you positively transform yourself, your team and  your organization through our corporate, group, and individual coaching; workshops and assessments. We use our extensive business and life experiences as we partner with you to reach your goals. We are passionate about opening you up to your true potential!

  • Corporate Coaching

    Corporate Coaching

    Our corporate coaching is focused on helping you reach your organizational goals. Your mission, vision, culture, values and strategy drive the design of the program. As with all our coaching we know that you and your team are the experts on how to reach your…


  • Group Coaching

    Group Coaching

    Group coaching offers a way for teams and groups of all kinds to work through challenges together. In group coaching the members benefit from peer learning as well as interaction with the coach. It offers a safe environment for working through as shared goal or…


  • Workshops


    We offer a variety of facilitated workshops that either address a standard topic or a custom need. Some of our workshop topics are listed below. Custom workshops can be developed to meet your specific needs. All workshops are interactive and fully engage the participants. Workshops…


  • Assessments


    We offer the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment both for an individual and as a 360 assessment. Both assessments include debriefs with a certified ELI Master Practitioner who will explain the results and answer your questions. After the assessment you may choose to work with…


  • Individual Coaching

    Individual Coaching

    We offer coaching engagements with individuals who are ready to: Improve their relationships in life and/or in business Create more balance in their life Make real, sustainable positive changes in their life Create the life of their dreams Identify and overcome their self-limiting behavior Be…


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